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About Candida Scott Knight


With fifteen years experience across TV, film and journalism Candida Scott Knight has directed short films, episodes of EastEnders and Hollyoaks as well as commercials, links, idents and on-air trails for most of the channels.


Her third short film, Mercy, was selected, screened and nominated for awards at 29 festivals, winning prizes at 3.


Her career began in newspapers but with a keen interest in the visual arts she moved into TV research and light entertainment and from there films, working as a runner and an assistant on two features and a production manager on a student film, making her first short whilst studying in New York.


Returning to the UK, Candida’s first commercial was nominated for a D&AD Newcomer Award.


She went on to direct a handful of low budget commercials and her second short film, Fly which screened at 4 film festivals, secured her funding for her third short, Mercy along with a place on the first Berlinale Talent Campus at the Berlin Film Festival.


With a love of working with people Candida has a quality that values each person on set and what they bring. 


“Working harmoniously together on set is the foundation needed to ensure the quality of the final product.”


Her ability to understand how to convey psychological states through the shots chosen is a defining characteristic of her work. This and a great sensitivity for the detail in the look, soundscape and movement of a piece takes her work to a whole different level. But in fact each aspect is equally important – from the food on set that will support the crew (or not), to finding the perfect location for a scene, to the quality of the set design and costumes, and the detail in the casting, to that moment when the camera and actors' movements match up precisely:


“The flow and the symmetry that happens when you are making a film is something that I find infinitely beautiful. There is something so magic about everything falling into place.”


For the past 15 years she has been raising two boys which has brought a new depth of understanding to human nature and relationships that now informs her approach to directing and filmmaking. Living for 6 years in the USA and more recently retraining in the industry back in London - with awards in multi-camera training on ITV's Coronation Street and the BBC's New Director's Scheme for EastEnders, she is currently in post production on episodes she's directed. 


She is an advocate for the advancement of true (not token) gender equality in the film and television industry. With a great interest in complementary healing and the health and wellbeing of communities, she sees the potential of media as a platform that can offer far-reaching connection in the most meaningful sense.





Winner Best

Short Film




Rushes Soho Shorts Festival

Winner Ascent Media Award for Best Short Film 2005


Créteil International Film Festival

Winner Prix du jury Paris XII for Best Foreign Film 2005


Showcomotion, Sheffield

Jury Special Mention - UNICEF UK Award

Edinburgh Film Festival

Official Selection 2005

D&AD Award

Nominated for best newcomer award