Charlie Wernham as Aaron, Barbara Smith as Dana, Clay Milner Russell as Bobby Beale and Ross Boatman as Harvey

Episode 6416 – 2022

In these two scenes Aaron Monroe meets his fate, witnessed by his sister Dana and her boyfriend Bobby Beale with a surprising visit from a police informant. The end of the first scene here the duff-duff ended the 3rd episode of the week and the second one started the 4th and final episode of the week as a direct pick up.

Charlie Wernham as Aaron, Ross Boatman as Harvey and Clay Milner-Russell as Bobby Beale

Episode 6141 ​– 2022

Worried Aaron’s plan to meet up with his old cell has gone array, Harvey calls the police to tell them everything about his son’s involvement in the NYE bomb that never was, when he stumbles in. Bobby, suspicions rise when he overhears their conversation.

6414 Aaron tennis ball
6414 Aaron Harvey

The father and son chat that follows in the second scene here, picks up the conversation in the The Queen Vic pub that ends this first episode of the week. Filmed under Covid restrictions, tennis balls were used as an eye-line in place of the actors, to keep them and the crew at a 2 meter distance. Shot both ways, and married together in post, the photos above show the ‘before and after’ of a ‘covid-restricted’ scene.

Steve McFadden as Phil Mitchell and Tamika Empson as Kim Fox

Episode 6363 – 2021

Kim questions Phil, her prime suspect in the disappearance of her husband Vince.

Charlie Brooks as Janine Butcher, Perry Fenwick as Billy Mitchell and Jamie Borthwick as Jay

Episode 6363 ​– 2021

As a ploy for self-gain, Janine Butcher causes friction between father and stepfather, Billy and Jay over Will’s parent evening. Shot under the confines of Covid restrictions this was staged down a corridor to keep everyone including the cameras at a 2 meters distance.

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