Charlie Behan as Charlie Dean with Theo Graham as Hunter

Episode 6104 ​– 2023

At the prospect of an impromptu exam, Charlie’s rising anxiety is put to the real test.

Gregory Finnegan as James Nightingale with Angus Castle-Doughty as Eric

Episode 6104 ​– 2023

James visits his client Eric in prison to give him the news he’s been waiting for but if James ready for what’s next if he doesn’t follow through?

Tamara Wall as Grace Black with Kelly Condron as Zara Morgan and Matthew McGiven as Sam Chen-Williams

Episode 6103 ​– 2023

As Tamara tries to prove her gangster skills and prowess, Kelly and her get into a spot of bother with the police.

Owen Warner as Romeo, with Hampus Engstrand as Sven, Gemma Donovan as Raine and Ashling O’Shea as Nadira

Episode 6101 ​– 2023

Visitor Sven entertains everyone at the Eurovision party Raine and Romeo have thrown but have they missed something?

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